• Marni

The Future is Female

The future is female... am I right?

Just kidding, I know I'm right.

Because I'm a girl, and we are ALWAYS right (I kid - sort of).

I have never been much of a feminist, per say, but boy oh boy (or maybe I should say, girl oh girl) have I have been inspired by the way women are rocking our world lately.

Here are 5 reasons why being a female in 2018 rocks:

1. This year marks 100 years since women were first given the right to vote.

2. The #MeToo campaign brought the issue of sexual harassment and violence to new audiences and brought more attention than ever to the problem. This wouldn’t have been possible without the women who were brave enough to step up and speak out.

3. Women are taking the internet by storm. We are building businesses, brands and blogs like nobody’s damn business! So if you were ever thinking of going for it, now is the time girl.

4. Women are beginning to really, “look out” for one another. I have noticed more than ever before that women in 2018 are showing more support, encouragement and love to each other via social media.

5. The pressure to get married and have children in your early 20s is a thing of the past but if that's what you want, go for it! I'm not judging, I'm just realizing starting a family young isn't for me. Starting a business? That's more my speed at the moment. The stats show that the average age for American women getting married has reached a historic high... age 27 for women- a jump from the 1990 average of marrying at just 23. I only see this number increasing as the years go by.

2018 is the year of WOMEN. Let’s shake it up and do the damn thing, y’all.

#PowerStance #GirlPower