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Have you ever wondered what it's like to own your own business?

One of my very best boss babes, and owner of SO.BO.HO Online Boutique, Jordynn Barry, gives us a small peek into the life of a small business owner...

Imagine walking into a room full of beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories - all things you picked out. Your very own Kardashian style closet -

Except this closet is :

-extremely expensive 

-full of 6-12 of all the same items in assorted sizes

-and you could keep one of everything or you could make a sale on it for that one customer who you KNOW is going to email you and ask if you just have ONE more in the same size you stuck in your own closet of mostly black leggings and sweatshirts.

This is the life - the life of an online boutique owner.

Hi, I’m Jordynn! 

I am the buyer, website designer, blog writer, social media manager, accountant, packing and shipping department, customer service representative, and owner of So Bo Ho online boutique. I run this little venture out of the sun room in my house! It is where I store all my clothes, take some photos, drink my coffee, pack all my orders, eat my meals, and sometimes seep. 

I have worked in retail since I was 16 and have always enjoyed the organization of clothes, putting together displays, helping customers put together a wardrobe and having them leave happy!

I was the store manager of a boutique in downtown Asheville, NC for almost two years and fell completely in love with fashion and the boutique industry!

As a kid and pre teen, I was raised by an amazing single mom who couldn’t always afford to buy me the clothes that all my friends were wearing. I think this is what has driven me to provide cute clothes and accessories at a price than can fit everyones budget! I try to keep everything in my store under $50!

Opening up your own legitimate retail business is no easy task - it takes a TON of research and follow up. I have traveled to Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Dallas for markets, I have attended The Boutique Summit (a 3 day retreat in Dallas,Tx with training and workshops for boutique owners), and have spent countless dollars investing in my business. 

My biggest struggle is with being the buyer - I think I have great taste and style but my natural fear of rejection kicks in while searching for new styles because I want to please EVERYONE and their style. It always helps that I have a couple girlfriends on stand by ready to let me know their opinions on the clothes I am adding to my website!

You may be wondering if I ever plan on opening a store front - and the answer is yes. I have started this business DEBT FREE and I plan to keep it that way. This is the best way to ensure immediate profit and be able to reinvest in my boutique 100%! I started this business with $300 and have built a small following and loyal customers, they are what drive this business. There are a lot of overhead costs when opening up a store front - and since I would like to keep this journey debt free (for now) online is a less expensive (but still expensive) way to go!

Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting me, and I hope this encourages you to follow your dreams no matter how big or small! You never know where it might take you!

Xoxo Jordynn

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