• Marni

2018 RECAP

Hit PURPLE Status with Younique and cried like a baby.

Turned 25 and spent the weekend with two of my best friends at the Hilton Hotel (7 minutes away from my apartment) just because we love hotel beds and felt so luxury. 

Went to Charlotte for a Bachelorette Party with my childhood besties. 

Flew by myself to Salt Lake City, Utah and had an amazing time visiting Younique Corporate headquarters! I met sooo many incredible women who have become life long friends and even got to enjoy dinner at the CEO’s home! 

Watched one of my best friends grow her online boutique!

Got cheated on and dumped. 

Moved into a beautiful, pool side apartment. 

Adopted a kitten. 

Found out my sister is pregnant!! Yay!

Visited Meag in Atlanta!

Flew to San Antonio, Texas with two of my boss babe besties for Younique’s convention and had a BLAST! Learned so much, and made so many memories...including tearing up the bar top at Coyote Ugly. 

Was a bridesmaid in Kelsey’s wedding and cried like a baby during my speech.  Went to Nashville with Younique...tore up the bar top at that coyote ugly as well.

Raged at the dueling piano bar more times than I can count. 

Personally sponsored 98 women on my Younique team.

Flew to amazing Cancun, Mexico with Younique and stayed alone, enjoyed room service, the pools, the sunrise and sunsets and time with beautiful friends. 

Started dating my hottie boyfriend, Cole. 

Got 3 new piercings, including my nose!

Hit several milestones with my business including, over $100,000 in personal lifetime sales and over $14,500 in personal sales for one month. 

Watched one of my besties tough out a pregnancy while moving all the way across the country with 2 little ones....she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this month and looked like an angel doing it. 

Got my first in-home spray tan.

Had my own Preset/Filter created!

Got my eyebrows microbladed.

Dyed my hair purple...and silver!

Got my first Brazilian blowout. 

Built my social media bootcamp course.

Had my heart broken and repaired, learned, loved, and lost. And grew more than I ever imagined possible. 

Thank you for an INCREDIBLE 2018. I cannot wait to see what 2019 holds. 


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