• Marni

13 Ways to Live Happier

1. SING - Put on your favorite song and sing. Sing loud. Sing life your life depends on it.

2. Get Outside - Studies show that fresh air boosts positivity and improves happiness levels. So make time today, even if its just for 15 minutes.

3. Declutter - Start with one room or area in your house and focus on deculttering. Your mind will feel calmer and clearer having done this.  (Declutter your purse and your car on a weekly basis too!)

4. An Act of Random Kindess - Buy a stranger a coffee. Send anonymous flowers. Let the person behind you, go in front of you...then revel in the warm glow it brings you.

5. Forgive - Learn to forgive. Rapidly growing studies show that holding grudges can affect your mental and physical health. Try to let go of past hurts. Move on with grace, compassion and your head held high.

6. Listen - Slow down and really listen to what somebody is telling you. You will feeler a closer connection to them if you truly understand what they are saying. Try to refrain from jumping into every conversation or making it about you. This will lead to a better relationship for both of you.

7. Surround Yourself with People You Love! - Our happiness levels increase when we are around people we love, so spend as much time with the people you love! Easy enough, right?

8. Hug - Today, give someone a genuine, warm hug, just because.

9.  Plan a Trip- Even if you wont be taking off for awhile, plan ahead for the time when you do. It’s often the planning and the anticipation of a positive event that makes us happiest.

10. Surround Youself with Happy People - Happiness is contagious. Surround yourself with content, happy people, and boost your own mood. And by being happy yourself, you give something back to them.

11. Write a Thank You Note - Write a note saying thank you, just because. It should be hand written and heartfelt. Maybe to a good friend, your child’s teacher, or the cashier who was partiulary pleasant and helpful at the grocery store this week.

12. Smile - Many studies have shown that smiling actually may be able to cause happy feelings in ourselves and others.

13. Buy Yourself Flowers - there is something about a beautiful, fragrant bloom that warms us up inside. While you’re at it, grab a second bunch of flowers for someone else!